Armen Awards: Excellence in Service Learning competition

Congratulations to the Fall semester faculty participating in the Armen Awards: Excellence in Service Learning competition. These faculty will be showcased along with the Winter semester applicants during the April 2016 Armen Awards Celebration event.

Lauren Elliott teaches in the Biological Science Department, specifically BI 101 Introduction to Biology. She has partnered with Blandford Nature Center to provide students with a real world application to ecology including conservation, invasive species and human-environmental interaction. Students will get to see firsthand how an invasive species impacts the local flora and fauna and what affect it has on the local community. Students will learn to identify and physically remove non-native vegetation in the area and then design information materials for the public about invasive species, how it affects the local environment and most importantly how someone can help.

Marguerite Erlandson teaches in the Business Department, specifically FM 236 Fashion Design. She has partnered with the Lemmon-Holton Cancer Pavilion where students will apply the principles and elements of design, fabric selection and sewing techniques to design, produce and deliver tailored quilts for cancer patients. Students will focus on the types of fabrics that are appropriate for warmth and comfort, soothing or uplifting colors, appropriate size of quilt and finally patterns.

Faculty wishing to participate during the winter semester must apply by November 1st. Go here for more details.

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