Students sign up for classes with TRiO Palooza

Students in the TRIO/Student Support Services Program took advantage of Early Registration for Winter 2016 classes. The TRIO Palooza Event held Wed October 14th was an awesome success. This event brought in our greatest attendance in some time.

TRIO provided the students with Academic Advising for Winter Registration, fun activities, and food. TRIO Palooza had Vicki Powers and Brynne Roberts from the Financial Aid Office stop in for the morning session to answer questions from students. Vicki and Bryne also had a little bit of fun and played a game or two with our students.

TRIO would like to thank Vicki and Brynne for stopping by and the Peer Mentors: Erendida Erazo-Alas, Amanda Aguirre, and Jonathan Jackson for all of their help in making this event a success. And we thank Angela Long from Counseling & Career Center in helping out with Academic Advisement. We also, thank Tim Zerfas from IT in helping our students troubleshoot and getting them logged in so they could register for Winter classes. And of course a thank you to Campus Dining for those awesome Fiesta Fajitas, they were delicious.

Awesome job to everyone involved.

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