Students host table for Chemistry in the Mall

The annual Chemistry in the Mall activity was held on Saturday, October 24, 2015 in Grand Rapids. The event was sponsored by the West Michigan division of the American Chemical Society (WMACS). The Physical Sciences Department hosted two activity tables that included making slime and silly putty and assembling fruit batteries. Over 50 GRCC students, who are enrolled in chemistry courses taught by Jennifer Batten, Tom Neils, Dan Groh, Ashley Campanali, and Bernard Liburd, showed off their knowledge of chemistry to hundreds of children and adults in the community. Adjunct faculty member Duane VandenBrink demonstrated how much fun chemistry can be by putting on Chemistry Shows on the event main stage. Thank you to Pam Scott and Leah Engemann for all of their work in readying the supplies and materials for the tables.

Students stand behind a table at Woodland Mall, next to a sign that says: GRCC Physical Sciences. Other tables have been set up around them and people are walking by.

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