TRiO/SSS sponsors doughnut sale to benefit Haiti schoolchild

This semester TRiO/SSS is working with the Power of Education Foundation sponsoring a child from Haiti. Her name is Mickerlange Abraham she is an 8th grade girl from Fontamara, Haiti, who has the opportunity to continue middle school and finish high school. In order to do this, TRiO Peer Mentors will be selling doughnuts and apples. This event will be going on Tuesday October, 27th , and Wednesday October 28th from 11:00AM -2:00PM. On October 27th, the doughnuts and apples will be sold in G2 Main Building, and on October 28th the Peer Mentors will walk around campus selling them. Each donut and apple will be priced at $ 0.75, $10 a dozen donuts. Your donation will contribute to ensuring that this young woman will be given the education she deserves, to excel further and beat the odds of poverty and lack of education.

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