Employees should be especially careful, alert this time of year

It is that time of year when GRCC experiences a rise in non-student, non-GRCC business related visitors in our buildings. In many cases these individuals are just looking to find a warm place to spend time and do not pose any risk to our campus. However, we also tend to see a rise in larcenies, and other nuisance type of incidents, especially in our parking ramps and restrooms. We had one of these situations last Friday in College Park Plaza. An employee had an expensive coat stolen from a coat rack, and a smelly old coat was left in the nearby trash can. Unfortunately, earlier in the day, a co-worker had actually seen what appeared to be a homeless man, with personal hygiene issues, walk into a men’s room on one of the upper floors. Campus police was not contacted, but about 30 minutes later the employee thought about it and asked to have someone on the floor look around for him. The person was gone by that time, but so too was the coat. This is not the first time employees have had items stolen from their office spaces. Please remember to keep all valuables secured and out of sight.

Please be aware of the people you see, and if you see something suspicious or someone that does not appear to belong on campus, either talk to the person or contact campus police right away. Many times, just asking the person, “Can I help you find something” or “What can I help you with,” will be enough to move that person along if they don’t belong. If you are not comfortable doing that, or they didn’t take the hint, just keep an eye on them and call campus police. We can be on scene within a minute or two and will assist them. If you have any questions please call Chief Whitman at X-4910.

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