GRCC In the News, 12-11-15

Diana Gameros Sings the Immigrant’s Love and Loss

Dec. 10, 2015; KQED

For Mexican-born singer-songwriter Diana Gameros, music has always been a deeply personal endeavor, acting as both a lifeline and a retreat from the world’s complications. Her soulful, emotionally-charged music, recorded on her debut album Eterno Retorno, tells a journey of love, loss, and hope, rooted in her own coming-of-age story as an undocumented immigrant in America. “Music for me has always been an outlet,” Gameros tells KQED Arts, “a way to be on my own and be okay.”

… But Gamero’s American story has an innocence, involving a Michigan boy she fell in love with and wide-eyed dreams of becoming a professional musician. “That gave me all the drive to do whatever I had to do to be here,” says Gameros, who moved to Michigan and studied music for four years at Grand Rapids Community College.

Top 5 things to do around Grand Rapids include Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys, ‘Nutcracker’ party, ‘Dogfight’

Dec. 10, 2015; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Find options for your social calendar with this list of things to do around West Michigan.

… Actors’ Theatre current production “Dogfight” is a pop-rock musical adaptation of a 1991 film starring River Phoenix and Lili Taylor. The Vietnam War-era story of soldiers cruelly wagering on which guy can bring the ugliest girl to a dance transforms into a tale of forgiveness when one of the girls rewrites the rules of the game and teaches the power of love and compassion.

Directed by Actors’ Theatre founder Fred Sebulske, tickets are $28. Remaining shows are at 8 p.m. December 10-12 and 17-19 at Grand Rapids Community College’s Spectrum Theater, 160 Fountain St. NE. More at

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