GRCC In the News, 12-23-15

Road trips are much more fun when there are victories included, and such was the case Tuesday in Grand Rapids for both Schoolcraft College basketball teams.
The No. 3-ranked men’s basketball team and No. 10-ranked women’s basketball team took turns defeating their respective opponents at Grand Rapids Community College, in contests that segued into the Christmas break

Fight to the End: Ohio State Wide Receiver Corey Smith
Smith started his collegiate career at Grand Rapids Community College. He posted 28 receptions, 438 yards, and two touchdowns in what …

Energy conservation reminder for the holiday shutdown

Thank you to our faculty and staff for a great job pitching in to save energy during the Thanksgiving break. With the winter break almost upon us, this shutdown period is one of the most important times of the year for saving energy. As you prepare to depart, take a few minutes to ready your area:


  • Refrigerators should be unplugged, cleaned out with doors propped open. We recommend that this be completed at least one day prior to staff leaving for the shutdown so the unit can be monitored for excessive melting of built up ice in the freezer area:
    • Unplug the unit
    • Empty the appliance of all food
    • Block the door open so air can circulate and discourage mildew
  • Power down all copiers/printers /scanners
  • Unplug equipment such as computers/monitors/speakers, radios, televisions, mobile phone chargers, and power supplies for laptops, cell phones, etc. (These devices may continue to consume power when plugged in even when they are not connected to the device)
  • Turn off classroom equipment including Smartboards, projectors, etc.
  • Check to make sure all equipment is switched off in meeting rooms
  • Please be aware that personally owned space heaters are prohibited. If you have a personally owned space heater on campus it is recommended that you take it with you when you leave for the holiday break.


  • Power off/unplug all unnecessary lab equipment
  • Ensure all fume-hood sashes are closed, and all fume-hood lights are turned off