Raider Salute to Earnette Wrancher

A Raider Salute from the library’s Sophia Brewer:

When it comes to connecting with other students, Earnette Wrancher is the one of the best. She is a Student Assistant in the Library and Learning Commons and when you walk in the door of the Library, Earnette is sure to greet you with a hello and a smile. Today, a non-traditional student walked in the door and you could just see the weight on her shoulder. Earnette greeted her and asked her how is it going, the student walked over to her, and as they talked, you could almost see the weight being lifted.

One thought on “Raider Salute to Earnette Wrancher

  1. I have to agree. Every time I enter the library she is always smiling and she always exhibits such a pleasant and positive attitude with anyone who comes into the library. She is always helpful and if she doesn’t know the answer she finds someone who does.

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