Study Away opportunity deadline

The Department of Experiential Learning is beginning the process of supporting faculty wishing to develop and lead a Study Away experience for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Full-time faculty are asked to prepare a proposal describing the course that will be offered, the travel destination(s), how course outcomes will be achieved as well as a draft itinerary and budget.

The first step in the proposal process is the submission of the Pre-Approval Form (see attached). This form facilitates the process of informing key College stakeholders of your intent to lead a study away experience. This form is due by Friday, February 19th.

The faculty member works with a support team to prepare and submit his/her full proposal by Friday, April 1st.

Once approved, the faculty member is charged with finalizing all details of the experience and works with the Department of Experiential Learning to market the experience, process student applications, manage student payments and provider invoices.

To see examples of past study away experiences and additional resources, please visit

Please contact Michael Schavey or Hillery Haney if you have any questions.

Lower-level locker rooms to be closed February 12

All four lower level locker rooms of the Ford Fieldhouse, rooms 105, 107, 107, and 108 will be closed to all use from 1:30p.m. until 3:30p.m. this Friday afternoon, February 12, 2016.  All Raider Card readers will be shut down during this time.  Our Facilities staff needs to assess some work in these areas.  Shower space is available during this time in the Athletic team locker rooms on the main level.  Please plan accordingly.  Note that the team locker spaces do have showers available, however, locker space is not available in these areas.  We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.

Faculty Spotlight: Andrew Rozema

A man with glasses stands in front of a wall with plaques.

Andrew Rozema

Andrew Rozema is a full-time professor in the Computer Information Systems Department at Grand Rapids Community College. From taking classes at GRCC as a junior in high school, becoming an adjunct instructor, and beginning his full-time role in 2014, Rozema has been a part of the GRCC community for more than half of his life. In his full-time position, Rozema teaches a variety of Computer Information Systems classes including Microcomputer Operating Systems, Routing and Switching Essentials, Ethical Hacking I and II, Principles of Information Security, and Computer Forensics. These courses build the foundational understanding of operating systems and networks.

Professor Rozema credits much of his success in the classroom with the professional development that he has received at GRCC through the Center for Teaching Excellence. By merging the skills that he had acquired through a career in broadcasting and information technology with personal experiences and effective professional development, he is able to create best practices in the classroom. Some of these best practices include using video creation to ensure that lectures get captured in the classroom and brought online for students to review, using online discussion forums during in-seat classes to ensure that all students are involved in class discussions, and using virtualization technologies to allow students to interact with technology that people are using in the real world.

In addition to his work in the classroom, Professor Rozema stays busy with other work within the CIS Department and the college. Departmentally, he has worked with colleagues to redesign the entire CIS curriculum, focusing specifically on aligning the information security curriculum with the Committee on National Security Systems standards. College-wide, he is actively involved in the Academic Governing Council and the Curriculum Approval Committee. For the past two years Professor Rozema has been involved in organizing and presenting at Faculty Learning Day, as well as continuing professional development at retreats and seminars like Great Teachers and Trends.

Professor Rozema continues to embrace the freedom to pursue his interests in IT and information security and advance the mission and vision of his department and college. He says, “I’m all about the Open Door. As somebody who walked in it and then through it, and then on to greater things, I love that this institution gives anyone willing to work for it amazing opportunities.” Thank you for continuing to provide these opportunities for our students.

Faculty cap, gown orders due by February 26

The GRCC Bookstore is taking orders for caps and gowns for staff and faculty through February 26th. If you are in need of any commencement regalia, please stop in the bookstore and fill out the form to order yours today! Due to turnaround time and production needs, all orders and prepayments must be in by February 26, 2016, to be ready in time for the April GRCC Commencement ceremony.