Join the celebration by sponsoring a grad!

As you may know, last year as part of our 100th anniversary, we asked for your help in meeting a couple of goals that were put in place for commencement. We wanted to increase the number of students who participated in the commencement ceremony, and we wanted to have faculty and staff sponsor 100 graduates by providing them a cap and gown. Thanks to many of you, we achieved both of those goals, and we actually had a record number of graduates process at the Van Andel Arena.

Once again, this year, we are looking to have a record number of students process at the Van Andel arena, and we know that many students have told us that they are not able to participate in the commencement ceremony due to the cost of the cap and gown. As an institution committed to the success of our students, commencement is our time to celebrate the greatest success of all with our students – COMPLETION! And there might be no better way to celebrate the individual success of our graduates than by removing this one final financial barrier – $31 to purchase their cap and gown.

Know that our students are overwhelmed when they hear that a GRCC faculty or staff member’s donation made it possible for them to participate in this important life event, one that for many of these students, is the first such event in the history of their family!

One student shared the impact of this gift for her last year:

“Many students, including myself, were provided gowns through the GRCC Foundation.  This program proves that GRCC really cares about the students, from orientation to graduation.  Thank you, GRCC!” — Arielle Brown, class of 2015.

A GRCC staff member shares why he gave to the Sponsor a Grad program last year:

“We, as employees, are here because of our students.  Supporting the cap and gown program is a small way for us to ensure all students have the chance to participate in graduation after all their hard work.” — Dan Guajardo from the GRCC Mail Room.

Please help us reward our students who have reached their graduation goals and participate in the Sponsor a Grad program today.

If you are interested in helping, please commit to the Sponsor a Grad program – through your sponsorship, you agree to purchase a cap and gown for a graduate at the cost of $31 per set.

Know that there is no limit to the number of graduates you can sponsor. You can make your donation by simply going online to make your payment and selecting “Sponsor a Grad” as the scholarship fund for which you would like to make donation. Or if you prefer, and would like to make a donation using a different payment method, you are welcome to contact the Foundation Office directly at x3939.

Thank you for all you do in support of our students and their success.

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