Visiting geographical scientist lecture tonight

Date: April 11, 2016

Time: 7:00pm

Location: 108 Sneden Hall, GRCC DeVos Campus, 415 Fulton Street E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

People and Plants: Conservation of Forests and Cultures
by Maria Fadiman, Geographer, Ethnobotanist and Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Maria Fadiman, associate professor of Geography at Florida Atlantic University and author of numerous publications devoted to ethnobotany and sustainable development, is known for her TEDx talks in the U.S. and Mexico on people and plants in tropical ecosystems. Maria engages in fieldwork in Latin America and Africa and has received funding from the National Science Foundation and National Geographic Society for research relating to cultural geography and ethnobotany. In 2006, she earned distinction as a National Geographic Emerging Explorer and in 2015, she was honored as one of only 40 geographers listed by the International Geographical Honor Society as distinguished Visiting Geographical Scientists. Maria teaches courses in world regional geography, conservation, and culture and the environment. She is currently writing about the cultural geography of tropical rainforests.

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