April Faculty Spotlight – 2016 Retirees

“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.” This quote (author unknown) easily describes the wonderful faculty at GRCC and their dedication to our students. In addition to lightening the burdens of students, GRCC faculty members are also committed to upholding our vision – as a college of distinction that inspires students to meet the needs of the community and the world.

Faculty members serve this college in many other areas, including college, student, and community service; professional development, and a variety of additional projects, committees, and innovative best practices. GRCC prides itself on the values of excellence, diversity, responsiveness, innovation, accountability, sustainability, respect, and integrity. All of these values can be seen in this year’s retirees.

Combined, our retirees have a total of over 250 years of service to Grand Rapids Community College, and each one has left a unique imprint on the faculty, staff, students, and college as a whole. Retiree David Dye says, “I will miss the enthusiastic students and the hard working, thoughtful, and witty colleagues of our college.” We too will miss the enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, drive and wit of all of our retirees.

The Faculty Association thanks you for your years of service and dedication to our wonderful institution.

2016 Retirees

Aleta Anderson

John Heredia

Judy Jankowski

Carol VanRandwyk

Jill Woller-Sullivan

Angus Campbell

Wayne Rodgers

Jeffery Stone

Laurie Foster

Marie Burns

David Dye

Michael Kiss

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