GRCC In the News, 5-11-16

Free dental care on the move

May 10, 2016; WOTV

COOPERSVILLE, Mich. (WOTV) — There’s a bus that rolls up to Ottawa County schools, but it’s not carrying students, athletes, or equipment. It’s carrying a fully equipped dentists office!

Miles of Smiles is a program through the Ottawa County Health Department that comes to about 30 schools to provide free dental services for children ages 0 to 20 in Ottawa County. Forty dentists volunteer their time for the program over the course of a year, along with help from Grand Rapids Community College, the Ottawa County Health Department, and volunteers.

Meeting needs through middle college

May 10, 2016;

Middle college programs, which allow qualified high school students to simultaneously work toward a diploma and a certificate or associate degree by completing a 13th year of high school, have been a big win for students, colleges and industry partners across the country.

That’s certainly been the case for Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) in Michigan. GRCC is poised to launch its third middle college program this fall, the first with a corporate collaborator.

GRCC golf tied for third before last day of MCCAA State Tournament

May 10, 2016; MLive

Port Huron, Mich. — After two rounds of play in the 2016 MCCAA State Championship, GRCC’s golf team shares third place with Henry Ford College at +64, each with rounds of 320.

Workforce, Job Training staff, faculty participate in MiCareerQuest

The majority of the Workforce Training and Job Training staff and faculty participated/volunteered at MiCareerQuest yesterday at DeVos Place. Over 5,000 students from all over the state came to learn about careers in the areas of Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Information Technology. Customized training was given to Dr. Ender on the virtual welding machine.

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GRCC Employees on the Move through May 9, 2016

Please welcome our new employees and congratulate those who have moved and been promoted.




Bob Decker

Police Lieutenant

Effective 4-27-16


Diane Smith

Administrative Assistant, Executive Offices

Effective 5-23-16


Carolina Blair

Director, Student Life & Conduct

Effective 6-8-16




Saibo Williams

From:     IT Support Tech I

To:         IT Support Tech II

Effective 4-20-16


Jennifer Batten

From:  Professor and Department Head, Physical Science

To:      Interim Associate Dean of Operations, School of Arts and Sciences

Effective 5-2-16


Laura Caulk

From: Support Professional, Associate Dean, School of Workforce Development

To:     Human Resources Generalist – Meet and Confer, APSS and Campus Police

Effective 6-6-16


Erica Brown

From:  Program Manager

To:      Director of Cashier’s Office

Effective 6-13-16


Alex Moore

From: Accounts Payable Clerk

To:     Administrative Assistant to VP of Finance and Administration

Effective 6-13-16


Jim Van Dokkumburg

From:  Director of Facilities

To:      Executive Director of Facilities
Effective 5-2-16


Amy Bennett

From:  Ford Fieldhouse Office Manager

To:      Support Professional to the Vice President and Dean, School of Workforce Development

Effective 7-1-16


Domingo Hernandez-Gomez

From:  Associate Director, College Success Center

To:      Director, Woodrick Center for Inclusion and Equity

Effective 7-1-16


RETIREMENTS – Thank you for your service


Paula Sullivan

Associate Dean, School of Workforce Development

Effective 6-30-16, 8 years of service


Eric Williams 

Executive Director, Equity Affairs

Effective 6-30-16, 10 years of service


Christina Arnold

Director, Woodrick Center for Inclusion & Equity

Effective 8-31-16, 37 years of service


Voluntary Early Separation Plan Participants:


      Aleta Anderson Language & Thought Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 11 years
      John Heredia Language & Thought Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 23 years
      Judy Jankowski Psychology Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 28 years


Performing Arts Faculty Professor End of Winter 2016 semester 16 years
      Jill Woller-


Counseling and Career Center Faculty Professor End of Winter 2016 semester 17 years
      Angus Campbell Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 24 years
      Wayne Rodgers Job Training Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 22 years
      Jeffery Stone Academic Tutors Faculty Lab Coordinator Tech June 30, 2016 30 years
      Laurie Foster Biological Science Faculty Professor End of Winter 2016 semester 23 years
      Marie Burns Nursing Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 15 years
      David Dye Drafting and Design Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 22 years
      Michael Kiss Manufacturing Faculty Professor June 30, 2016 28 years
      Patricia Ingersoll Library Meet & Confer Director June 30, 2016 9 years
      Cherry Scaturro Finance & Administration Meet & Confer Admin Assistant for Vice President June 30, 2016 26 years
      Jim Fox Human Resources Meet & Confer HR Generalist June 30, 2016 10 years



Campus Police ESP Support Professional June 30, 2016 17 years
      Oene Pomper Facilities CEBA Maintenance – Master Electrician June 30, 2016 24 years
      Ann Sandberg School of Workforce Development ESP Support Professional June 30, 2016 17 years


Instructional Support and Interdisciplinary Studies Meet & Confer Dean June 30, 2016 36 years



Facilities CEBA Head Custodian II June 30, 2016 28 years
      Joseph Huffman GRCCePrint CEBA Printing Services Tech II June 30, 2016 31 years
      Jane Mohr Cashiers Meet & Confer Associate Director June 30, 2016 37 years
      Dale Vandenberg Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Meet & Confer Storeroom Manager June 30, 2016 23 years
      Karen Tolhurst Facilities CEBA Custodian II June 30, 2016 15 years
      Gary Tolhurst Facilities CEBA Head Custodian I June 30, 2016 14 years
      Diane Patrick Student Affairs Meet & Confer Associate Dean June 30, 2016 27 years
      Thomas Smith Facilities Meet & Confer Executive Director June 30, 2016 17 years
     Betty Holyfield Training Solutions ESP Support Professional June 30, 2016 14 years


Michael Porter


Effective 4-9-16


Ian Riley

Software Licensing Manager

Effective 4-22-16


Lisa Snider

Support Professional, Student Employment Services

Effective 6-2-16

Welcome 2016 Student Ambassadors, interns

The mandatory orientation program has kicked off for our new Fall 2016 students and we have a new fabulous staff of interns and ambassadors to help assist the program.  The ambassadors and interns are already working hard and are already on week two!  Most orientation sessions have over hundred students with guests so the ambassadors are keeping very busy!  Each ambassador brings a unique personal experience and interaction with GRCC and we are appreciative of what they bring to the orientation program.  Likely you will see them around campus this summer as they tour new students around our grounds and buildings.  Reminder, all orientation sessions are taking place on the 2nd floor of the Main building and information can be found on the orientation web pages at  The majority of sessions take place on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday nights and occasional Saturdays.  At each session, new students setup and use their technology, receive their Raider Card, go on a tour of campus, speak with a counselor in a group setting, and register for classes.  Students needing financial aid assistance are brought to the Enrollment Center for additional help.  If you have any questions, please call Lori Cook at 234-3099 or email at

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Student refund process changing July 1

Changes to the student refund process:

  • Beginning July 1, 2016, Higher One will be called Bank Mobile.
  • Students will no longer receive a GRCC Refund Access Card (inactive debit card) in the mail from Higher One in order to activate their refund preference.
  • They will now receive a Refund Selection kit from Bank Mobile with a Personal code to validate identity. (Same bright green envelope) Only the students that want to open an account with Bank Mobile will receive a debit card.
  • Bank Mobile will not be re-carding all our prior students. The Higher One card they have will continue to work.
  • Beginning May 4, students will have access to any Allpoint ATM machine to access their funds. (CVS, 7 Eleven, Target, Costco)
  • Higher One ATM machines in the Learning Center and the Main Building will be removed this spring. We will be replacing the ATM machine in the Student Center with an Allpoint ATM from Cardtronics.