Student refund process changing July 1

Changes to the student refund process:

  • Beginning July 1, 2016, Higher One will be called Bank Mobile.
  • Students will no longer receive a GRCC Refund Access Card (inactive debit card) in the mail from Higher One in order to activate their refund preference.
  • They will now receive a Refund Selection kit from Bank Mobile with a Personal code to validate identity. (Same bright green envelope) Only the students that want to open an account with Bank Mobile will receive a debit card.
  • Bank Mobile will not be re-carding all our prior students. The Higher One card they have will continue to work.
  • Beginning May 4, students will have access to any Allpoint ATM machine to access their funds. (CVS, 7 Eleven, Target, Costco)
  • Higher One ATM machines in the Learning Center and the Main Building will be removed this spring. We will be replacing the ATM machine in the Student Center with an Allpoint ATM from Cardtronics.

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