Welcome 2016 Student Ambassadors, interns

The mandatory orientation program has kicked off for our new Fall 2016 students and we have a new fabulous staff of interns and ambassadors to help assist the program.  The ambassadors and interns are already working hard and are already on week two!  Most orientation sessions have over hundred students with guests so the ambassadors are keeping very busy!  Each ambassador brings a unique personal experience and interaction with GRCC and we are appreciative of what they bring to the orientation program.  Likely you will see them around campus this summer as they tour new students around our grounds and buildings.  Reminder, all orientation sessions are taking place on the 2nd floor of the Main building and information can be found on the orientation web pages at grcc.edu/orientation.  The majority of sessions take place on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday nights and occasional Saturdays.  At each session, new students setup and use their technology, receive their Raider Card, go on a tour of campus, speak with a counselor in a group setting, and register for classes.  Students needing financial aid assistance are brought to the Enrollment Center for additional help.  If you have any questions, please call Lori Cook at 234-3099 or email at lcook@grcc.edu.

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