Geology lab acquires seismometer

The Physical Science Department’s geology lab is happy to announce that the geology lab is now host to a new seismometer. The station (GRMI) is part of the Michigan Regional Seismic Network (MiQuakes) and recorded its’ first earthquake on Thursday, May 18. Seismic waves from a magnitude 6.7 earthquake in Ecuador arrived in Grand Rapids about 9 minutes later. For information about the Ecuador earthquake go to: For more information about the GRMI station and regular updates go to the MiQuakes website (, click on “MIQuakes Stations” and find “GRMI”. Whenever the seismometer picks up an earthquake or event, it will be posted on this site.

From the MiQuakes website: “The MiQuakes Network is made up of a group of high schools, community colleges and universities from around the state that have seismometers capable of recording seismic activity from around the country as well as from across the globe. Many of these stations are sponsored by IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutes in Seismology) or by both IRIS and MESTA – the Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association.”

A seismometer sits on a countertop. A sign behind it says: "This is a seismometer, a delicate instrument designed to record earthquakes. Please do not touch, move or jostle."

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