GRCC In the News, 6-8-16

Teaching French not a language but a lifestyle

June 7, 2016; (KISD newsletter)

Wyoming Public Schools, MI — As a Crock-Pot of beef bourguignon simmered, high school students in Amy Wood’s class took time developing their palates for Parisian food.

… The 17-year Wyoming teacher, who attended Grand Rapids Community College and Aquinas College, traveled four times to France during her junior year in high school, and studied abroad through Aquinas and with Wyoming students in 2001 and 2006. She hopes to offer another trip for students someday.

Roof work on Main Building involves cranes

Weather permitting, cranes will be brought on site on the following dates for the Main Building roof replacement project:

  • June 10 — A crane will be placed in Winchester Alley for the day. This will block traffic through the alley, but parking in Cook Hall should not be affected.
  • Week of June 13 — A crane will be placed on the Bostwick Commons. The construction zone will be blocked off.