GRCC In the News, 6-9-16

Partnering with Employers to Spur Enrollments and Grow

June 7, 2016; EvoLLLution

As state budgets are dwindling and the job market is picking up, community colleges are being pushed to be more innovative in their work to attract and retain students. At Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC), an employee education partnership with McDonald’s aimed at creating access to degree programming is just one such example. In this interview, Bill Pink reflects back on the process of establishing their partnership with McDonald’s and shares his thoughts on how this partnership could help them to develop a partnership model to take forward.

McDonald’s Hamburger University grads can score community college credit

June 9, 2016; MLive

FRANKENLUST TOWNSHIP, MI — Nicholas Leveto didn’t expect his high school McDonald’s job to propel him toward building that Mexican restaurant his family always hoped to start but never had the business know-how to run.

… A similar deal is already in-place at Grand Rapids Community College, and one is soon coming to Mott Community College, (Tony) D’Anna said. D’Anna and Flint-area McDonald’s owner-operator Sam Cox are spearheading the Delta College and Mott Community College partnerships.

25-cent bus subsidy for students, faculty, not in GRCC’s budget next year

June 8, 2016; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Next year, the Grand Rapids Community College budget won’t include funding to subsidize bus ridership on The Rapid to allow students, staff and faculty to pay 25 cents, officials said Wednesday, June 8.

Teams set for June 15 Champions of Character High School All-Star Games

June 8, 2016; MLive

A number of the top graduating senior basketball players are now gearing up for the annual Champions of Character High School All-Star Games.


… Karli Warning 5’6 Wayland  GRCC

The Grand River is becoming a paddlers’ paradise

June 8, 2016; MLive

GR Paddling gets a call from folks interested in kayaking near Grand Rapids but are unsure which tributary might make the best adventure. That’s where Jeff Neumann comes in.

… “We’ve had one couple so far who came from Chicago so he could propose to her. It was very cool,” said Neumann, who retired from teaching electronics at Grand Rapids Community College to open GR Paddling with his wife, Rita, and their son, Mark.


Make it Count!

Members of the GRCC IT department made it count today by donating 180 ‘Happy Bags’ to Spectrum Hospital’s Care Partners team, Renucci Hospitality House, and Port Team — all of which support families and patients during their treatment — in honor of Peggy Gorno, former IT Manager.

The ‘Happy Bag’ idea was created by Michael Gorno, Peggy’s 7-year-old son, and are to be given to siblings or children of loved ones who are undergoing cancer treatment. They were filled with stickers, coloring books, markers, snacks, and all sorts of goodies donated by some wonderful local organizations such as LMCU, Wendy’s, Staples, and Celebration Cinema. A hand-drawn bookmark made specially by Michael was included in each bag.

The Gorno family has made their motto for Peggy’s cancer treatment “Make it Count,” to live life to the fullest and make each day count as something special!

Team members included- Antonio Aguillon, David Houseman, Kelly Webber, Kurt Meinders, Olwen Urquhart, Rachel Bower, and Saibo Williams.

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Faculty Spotlight: Fred van Hartesveldt

His colleagues describe him as a man of integrity, trustworthy, discreet, and honest. And while all these words definitely capture the spirit of Fred van Hartesveldt, we’re not quite sure there would ever be enough words to thank him for his fearless service.

Fred van Hartesveldt taught his first class in 1984 as an adjunct instructor. He has continued to be a wonderful asset to the English Department for more than 30 years. During this time, he has taught EN 101, EN 102, technical writing, journalism and political science. In addition to his teaching responsibilities and serving on other committees through throughout the college, Fred has served as the president of the Michigan College English Association and brought that annual conference to GRCC. More recently, he has served as the president for the GRCC Faculty Association from 2002 to 2016.

And while Fred complimented his department on their overall collegiality and the college for continuing to have an open door mandate, he says that the one thing that he likes best about his role as a faculty member is students. His passion for students has been evident as he continues to use best practices and innovative techniques in the classroom, such as focusing on questioning students rather than lecturing. “We put teaching first…” Fred stated as something that he values about the institution. We definitely see and honor that same value in Fred.

During the Faculty Association meeting on April 29, 2016, GRCC faculty surprised Faculty Association President Fred van Hartesveldt with a thank you celebration for his 14 years of service. If you missed the celebration or just want to watch it again, check out this link.

A man stands in an auditorium holding a microphone.

Construction work to close pedestrian bridges

Weather permitting, the information below outlines upcoming work in which the pedestrian bridges will need to be closed for construction purposes:

  • June 10 — The bridge connecting the ramp and the Main Building will need to be closed for the day.
  • June 20 & 21 — The bridge between the Student Center and the ramp will need to be closed for (2) days.
  • Week of June 20 — The bridge between the LRC and ramp, and immediate surrounding areas will be undergoing construction for approximately (2) weeks. For the most part, the contractor will be working on half of the bridge at a time which will allow GRCC to retain a path for pedestrians. However, there will be a (3) day period where the bridge and surrounding areas will be completely closed off in order to apply the traffic coating.