Faculty members receive online/hybrid certification

Please join the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department in congratulating our faculty members who have just completed GRCC’s Online/Hybrid Certification Course. Completion of this intense six-week course enables each of these faculty members to teach online and hybrid courses, providing our students with more options than ever to achieve their educational goals.

Congratulations to:

  • Emily Ballard
  • Wilfredo Barajas
  • Jennifer Bourbina
  • Richard Garn
  • Jenna Hess
  • Michael Mitchell
  • Michael Mulvihill
  • Martha Owocki
  • Theresa Powers
  • Steven Rierson
  • Stacy Slomski
  • Danielle Terpstra
  • Anwar Thomas

The next OHCC cohort will be in the Fall 2016 Semester. Please visit the Center for Teaching Excellence’s registration page at http://www.grcc.edu/ctereg to register.

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