Changes in food and snack vending

Grand Rapids Community College has been working with J. Bos Vending Services for many years for the purpose of providing food and snack vending services on our Grand Rapids campuses.  This has been a very long and positive relationship for both parties.

For the past six months, we have been diligently exploring other alternatives which might work better for us moving forward and provide benefits and enhancements currently not available. GRCC is very pleased and excited to announce that we have located such a vendor.  Beginning August 1, 2016, Canteen Vending Services will take over as the new provider of food and snack vending services our campus.

What will some of the enhancements include?

  1. New equipment which is state of the art both in appearance and functionality
  2. A more robust selection of products with a much stronger orientation to healthy choices
  3. Machines that will accept payment across six platforms, including cash, Raider Card, credit card, debit card, Pay Pal, and Apple Pay


We are currently in a transitional phase, and may see some service disruptions


Once the change is complete, it may take a brief period of time to get all of the technology involved up and functioning as intended.  Your help will be very important during this time period.  If you notice any issue with a particular machine, please e-mail Rick Vander Veen at with the building, exact location, which machine, and a brief description of the issue.

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