Academic Support provides tutor training

On August 22 and 23, Academic Support & Tutoring Services offered its semiannual Tutor Training to over 70 tutors.

On the first day of the event, new tutors experienced a “Role of the Tutor” session presented by Don VanOeveren, a session exploring the 12 Steps of Tutoring presented by Dan Sullivan, a scavenger hunt of the different tutoring centers on campus, and an interactive tutoring scenarios session facilitated by Holly Christopher and Colleen Copus.

On the second day, all tutors participated in an “Unintentional Bias” session presented by Tamber Bustance, Hilda Martinez-Gutierrez, Erendida Eduvina Erazo Alas, Cedric Ingram and Soyla Lange; a “Working with Nontraditional Students” presentation by Dan Sullivan; and a “Mindsets” presentation by Barb Bouthillier.

Tutors achieve certification

A total of 13 tutors fulfilled the training, experience and other requirements for College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Level I certification.  CRLA is a national organization of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, tutoring, and mentoring at the college/adult level. The Academic Support & Tutoring Services would like to recognize the following tutors for completing College Reading & Learning Association Level I certification during the Winter 2016 and Summer 2016 semesters.

ATC Tutorial and Open Computer Lab:

  • Brian Haugen
  • Ryan Heintzleman
  • Julie Reyers

Appointment Based Tutoring/The P.L.A.C.E.:

  • Kelly Burrows
  • Allison DeGraaf
  • Tristan Dicesare
  • Winter Selley
  • Arvinder Singh

Biology Learning Center:

  • Mona Riswadkar
  • Amber Westfield

Business Tutorial & Computer Lab:

  • Grady Thiesen

Mathematics Tutorial Lab:

  • Margaret Minnema
  • Katrina Teunis

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