Employee Behavioral Intervention Team

The Employee Behavioral Intervention Team provides preventative measures on campus to reduce the risk of an employee incident. (Our team works similarly to the Behavior Intervention Team for students.)

Our team will intake and assess information, take action when necessary and track details about behavior concerns noted in our work environment. Our goal is to provide information and resources to keep our community safe.

Some examples of behaviors or concerns that could be referred to the team are: an employee who states they intend to harm self or others, erratic or unusual behaviors that disrupts the work environment, as well as a sudden or drastic change in behavior that causes concern.

If you have a concern, please feel free to contact any of our team members directly:

  • Cathy Kubiak, Jessica Berens, Christine Coon, or Laura Caulk (Human Resources)
  • John Cowles (Dean of Student Success and Retention)
  • Rebecca Whitman (Chief of Campus Police)

We are committed to a safe work and learning environment at GRCC!

One thought on “Employee Behavioral Intervention Team

  1. This announcement feels badly out of touch with the painful reality of living with mental illnesses. Is the goal to make those with a mental illness feel even more threatened and marginalized at GRCC?
    Sounds like gestapo style “snitch on your neighbor” style program.
    It’s sad we don’t treat those with mental illness with the same compassion as we do those suffering with something like cancer.

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