GRCC In the News, 9-7-16

Equity Drinks to feature two local candidates for office at The Meanwhile

Sept. 7, 2016;

There is no question that equity and the disparities that exist, are topics discussed in the public sphere. From the looming presidential election to the countless hashtags of citizens slain due to police brutality, issues of equity, equality and justice are at the forefront of the nations consciousness and in the hearts and minds of Grand Rapids residents, organizations and city officials.

After soliciting feedback at various community forums, the Grand Rapids police department is undergoing implicit bias training in order to improve its relationship with the entire community and rebuild the broken trust that exists. LINC Up creates a space every first Friday of the month where art is mixed with networking, empowering members of a community that may otherwise be ignored. There are equity and inclusion centers and offices at both Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Valley State University. HQ has begun to tackle youth homelessness, an important unaddressed concern in the city. Recently, the City of Grand Rapids was selected as one of five cities to be involved in Racial Equity Here; a program aimed to strengthen racial equity. This, friends, is just the tip of the iceberg. Grand Rapids is a place where change is happening. You can see and hear it happening, and at times, even smell the aroma of a revolution.

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