Policies updated

The following policies have been updated or added and recently approved:

2015-2016 AGC Policies

7.15 Prior Learning Assessment–Revision

  • The rewritten policy is more specific and provides more complete information and guidance for students who wish to use PLA to gain academic credit.  Further, this policy will help faculty better advise students who seek information on and credit through PLA.

 7.16 Common Syllabus Components– Revision

General Information and Section Policies

  • Contact Information and Availability – GRCC email address required
  • Student Learning Outcomes – updated language by replacing CARP with Curriculum Document

College Policies

  • GRCC Email and Course Communications – added GRCC email requirement
  • Disability Support Services – updated language
  • Added Campus Police/Emergency Resources
  • Added Title IX Reporting Policy
  • Changes to Syllabus – updated ‘voice’
  • Updated hyperlinks for consistency

Updated accessible syllabus template link:  http://grcc.edu/provost/facultyresources/syllabustemplate

7.19 Course Substitutions and Course WaiverNew

Course Substitutions—A course substitution allows a student to use an alternative course to meet a program requirement

  • Course substitutions are made in the context of the program requirements.
  • Course substitutions must maintain the integrity of the program.
  • Substituted courses must include substantially the same learning outcomes as the required course.
  • Students who are granted substitutions must still earn the total credit hours required for their academic program.

Course Waiver—

  • A course waiver allows students to graduate without completing a graduation requirement or a program requirement.
  • Students who are granted waivers must still earn the total credit hours required for their academic program.
  • Need for standards and criteria that are consistent across the College in order to ensure the integrity of GRCC Degrees.

8.22 Maximum Student Credit Hour Load Per Semester—No Changes

8.23 Student Medical/Hardship WithdrawalRevision

  • Changed name to include “hardship”.
  • Reasons for withdrawal past the 70% mark expanded to include hardship beyond a student’s control that negatively impacts attendance and/or academic success.
  • The approved Grading Policy (7.10) makes reference to students having the option to withdraw due to hardship after the 70% date; however, there was no process or policy that considers hardships outside of health related issues. The approved proposal will expand the medical withdrawal process to include other types of significant hardships and align with Grading Policy 7.10.

8.29 Transfer Course Credit-Institutions of Higher EducationRevision

  • Revised policy to accurately reflect our current practice.
  • Revised policy statement to now reflect GRCC awards course credit for “equivalent courses from any regionally accredited institution”
  • Provide the Registrar’s Office with guidelines for awarding credit.
  • The rewritten policy is more specific and provides more complete information and guidance for students who wish to receive credit for courses transferred to GRCC.

8.33 Industry Recognized Credentials/Test Credit PolicyNew

Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) awards course credit for external nationally recognized industry or professional credentials and accredited or nationally recognized exams and tests.  When equivalence between a credential or test and a GRCC course(s) has been established by the academic department (in which the course(s) resides) and the College, the GRCC Registrar’s Office will award credit for the course(s), if the following guidelines are met:

  • The course alignment with external credential has been formally documented in the Registrar’s Office prior to student request for course credit.
  • The credential is current/valid at the time the credit is awarded (has not expired).
  • Students provide original verification to the GRCC Registrar’s Office.
  • All established requirements (for example, minimum acceptable test scores) are met.
  • This policy identifies the guidelines for and circumstances under which the Registrar’s Office may award course credit to students who have taken and passed external tests, exams, or industry credentials.

For more information, see the policy website.

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