PACE survey results available for review

Our Personal Assessment of the College Environment (PACE) survey results are available for your review.

The report titled “2015 PACE v. 1 with comments” provides our responses according to the NILIE personnel classification system (admin, admin support, faculty and tech operations).  The 56-question survey results are organized in the following climate categories: institutional structure, student focus, supervisory relationships and teamwork. We also have custom questions. This report provides norm data based on the 87 other two-year, public colleges who participate with PACE.

The report titled “2015 PACE v. 2 by employee group, division and ethnicity” is an additional report that GRCC requests. It has the same climate categories; the responses are just organized in three additional ways.

This information has been presented to Cabinet, the Board of Trustees, and some of the divisions have begun their review. We encourage all employees, particularly those in a supervisory capacity, to review the data and consider improvement areas in your work.  For example, if it’s been awhile since you had some team building activities in your area, please consider contacting Jessica Berens to review our available resources.

Jessica will also be organizing our “Putting Input Into Action” sessions.  She’ll provide a review and ask for feedback on “what would improvement look like.” Watch for further information in GRCC Today.

Thank you to the 314 employees (49.6% response rate) who completed their PACE survey.  “The results from the PACE survey indicate that personnel perceive the composite climate at GRCC to fall toward the upper range of the Consultative management style.” Please attend one of our “Putting Input Into Action” sessions to learn more.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Kubiak (x.3971) or Jessica Berens (x.3179)


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