Rain doesn’t dampen Peace Day enthusiasm

A message from World Peace Day organizer Shavval Fleming:

Peace Day 2016

I honestly could not have asked for a better outcome considering the weather conditions this morning! We held the event on the second floor of the Student Building in the Raider Grille/cafeteria. There were a lot of students that came and went! Gilles brought peace dove cookies his students baked. Volunteers showed as planned. Katie Budden’s art students created random acts of kindness signs we placed throughout the cafeteria, and these students participated in the celebration. Sean Mackey reminded listeners of social justice concerns around the globe and how each of us has a role to play in order to make change. Then, we observed a minute of silence and reflected on individual ways we can actively create peace in the world as is customary for World Peace Day celebrations. Sam Gould followed with his playing of several different African drums – each creating unique and pleasing sounds. Steve Barton brought two choirs and two percussionists. Their songs were so very pretty, and the last song – performed with the percussionists – made the whole crowd move! Around 1:30, the crowd got smaller; the students who participated in the reading of a LOVELY poem at that time that Mursalata chose brought an intimate crowd together in a way that was very cool! Participants watched as twelve different students took turns reading a stanza of a song/poem by James Cleveland called Peace Be Still. It was incredibly moving to watch as different ethnicities, religious perspectives, political perspectives, ages, nationalities, genders, etc. read the various stanzas demonstrating so very well the beauty of World Peace Day, the human family, and peace in general. Mursalata majestically read a poem she wrote too – so powerful and moving. I was truly touched. Finally, the sun came out, so we went outside to the plaza! At that time, participants joined in the effort to beat the longest sugar pull. Although we were not successful, the symbolism of this activity meant more than any record we could ever break! Students signed the peace banner and were hopefully inspired!

I would like to offer my MANY THANKS to all participants and volunteers! Hosting such an event requires many individuals offering their time, resources, and hearts!

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