Hilda Martinez-Gutierrez joins Counseling Center

GRCC received a 3-year grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that will fund campus-wide activities and programs designed to address and reduce students’ suicide risk by enhancing overall mental health and wellness on campus. The services will also be extended to the Lakeshore campus. Activities include creating a strong community network, implementing a Crisis Response Plan, and providing training and education to promote awareness of the need for better understanding of mental health issues and to encourage positive help-seeking behaviors.

The grant will be coordinated out of the Counseling & Career Development office.  The grant cycle begins on September 30, 2016.  The new Grant Coordinator (a grant funded position) will be Hilda Martinez-Gutierrez.  Hilda is an alumni of GRCC who went on to earn her BS in Family Studies at WMU and her MA in Counselor Education/ College Counseling at WMU.  Hilda worked at GRCC as a student but more recently has been doing her internship with the GRCC TRIO program.  Hilda has a passion for working with first generation, under privileged students.  She is bilingual and has diverse experience in enrollment services, family services, coordinating a youth enrichment scholarship program, and has advocated for substance abuse prevention in Greater Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.  We welcome Hilda to the GRCC team that will be implementing the grant work and are excited to have her experience and connections as a part of our team.

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