Workshops include decision-making, time management

This week’s workshops:

Unintentional Bias:  Explore unconscious communication & learn new strategies to avoid unnecessary miscommunication and skills to enhance interactions in the workplace. Tuesday, 10/04, from 2-4pm!

Effective Decision Making: Discover how personality types influence our communication preferences and how they in turn affect our approach to decision-making both as leaders and followers. Gain tools to promote decision accuracy & timeliness! Wednesday, 10/5, from 2-4pm!

Time Management: Learn the keys to ffectively manage your time, be efficient, & prioritize! Thursday, 10/6, from 2-4pm!

PACE Results: You are invited to participate in a focus group to discuss identified areas of concern, and provide ideas and input for organizational improvement. Thursday, 10/6, from 3-4:30 p.m.!

Please register at:

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