GRCC In the News, 10-5-16

Middle college: Head start, financially smart

Oct. 4, 2016; (KISD newsletter)

Wyoming Public Schools, MI — Mitch Hendrickson earned 62 credits and an associate’s degree while still a high school student, for free. On top of that, he’s a full year ahead of his peers at Central Michigan University.

… Wyoming High School students tally college credits through the Middle College program beginning their sophomore year. By adding a fifth year as Wyoming students– with college classes that year taken on the Grand Rapids Community College campus– they complete their associate’s degree.

Interview with Dr. Steven Ender on the GRCC Music Center Renovation

Oct. 3, 2016; (American Choral Directors Association-Michigan newsletter)

This following interview is with Dr. Steven Ender, President of Grand Rapids (MI) Community College (GRCC). GRCC is undertaking a renovation of the GRCC Music Center which houses the NASM accredited music program at GRCC. Dr. Stephen Barton, Director of Choral Activities and Chair of the Vocal Department at GRCC, conducts the interview.

Generational diversity workshop set for October 12

Please join us on Wednesday, 10/12, from 2:30-4:00 p.m. for a discussion about generational diversity in the workplace! Led by our very own Taber Bustance, you will learn about the core values of each generation and be able to use this information to develop stronger connections and more effective communication. Please register at:

Volunteers needed to help with United Way campaign

It is that time of year again, and we are gearing up for our annual United Way campaign! This year we are calling for volunteers to serve as team captains! We know that many of you have been nominated over the years and enjoy being involved, and we want you to be able to continue to serve as a captain. If you’d like to take a step back from this responsibility this year, we understand and respect that decision.

We will try to place you with your department, or in the same building as your team, to make it as easy as possible. Additionally, Human Resources is planning to distribute all United Way forms to our employees, removing that responsibility from the team captains.

This year we are holding the team captain training in our new Fountain Street Brewery! There will be snacks and drinks (sorry, the non-alcoholic type) along with great information about the amazing things that United Way does for our community and also the incentives they are offering this year for donors. We will also give captains an update on GRCC’s plan for the campaign and what responsibilities are left to the team captains. Then, if you want to stay after to enjoy all the Fountain Street Brewery has to offer, you will be welcome to do that.

Please email Christine Coon ( ) if you would like to volunteer to serve as a team captain, no need for declines, thanks!

United Way Team Coordinators

  • Cathy Kubiak
  • Christine Coon
  • Kristen Doneth
  • Julie Otte

Radiologic Technology to set up disaster simulation

On October 7, the Radiologic Technology program will be performing a mock disaster simulation with the Theater Department in Cook 305 and 323. Please be aware that there will be students from the theater fully dressed and acting as trauma patients. This is just a mock disaster and there is no need to be alarmed.

Raider Buzz contains news, updates for students

We have a new system of communicating with current GRCC students: the Raider Buzz.

Like GRCC Today for employees, Raider Buzz is a blog that incorporates timely updates and information for students, as well as a collection of other information, including social media posts and student organization meetings and events.

Encourage students to read the Raider Buzz:

  • We will be sending students weekly or biweekly digests of new content in the Raider Buzz to their emails.
  • If you are a faculty member, please share this new resource with students. Make a class announcement, post an announcement in your Blackboard course, etc.
  • Students can also find a link to the Raider Buzz on their Blackboard home page in the announcement section.

How can you submit information to the Raider Buzz? Click on the tab “Share News or an Event” and fill out the simple form to publish information to this site.

On a final note, the Stall Street Journal will still be published on occasion. We will be developing an initial version for the start of each fall and winter semester, and include campus wide information that is relevant to most students. If you’d like information to be considered for this semesterly version, please contact Molly Maczka, 30 days prior to the start of the semester.

IIPD Grant Applications are due on October 7, 2016 at 4:30 p.m.

The deadline for the submission of grant applications for the Instructional Improvement & Professional Development (IIPD) Grants program is 4:30 p.m., October 7, 2016. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications electronically. Information about how to apply for an IIPD grant can be found at this website: IIPD Application and Guidelines. Please note that applications must include Dean’s and Department Head Approval forms, a budget form and budget documentation. If you have any questions about IIPD grants, please contact Judith Larsen, Director, Grants and Resource Development Department, at 234-3910 or Good luck!