Raider Buzz contains news, updates for students

We have a new system of communicating with current GRCC students: the Raider Buzz.

Like GRCC Today for employees, Raider Buzz is a blog that incorporates timely updates and information for students, as well as a collection of other information, including social media posts and student organization meetings and events.

Encourage students to read the Raider Buzz:

  • We will be sending students weekly or biweekly digests of new content in the Raider Buzz to their emails.
  • If you are a faculty member, please share this new resource with students. Make a class announcement, post an announcement in your Blackboard course, etc.
  • Students can also find a link to the Raider Buzz on their Blackboard home page in the announcement section.

How can you submit information to the Raider Buzz? Click on the tab “Share News or an Event” and fill out the simple form to publish information to this site.

On a final note, the Stall Street Journal will still be published on occasion. We will be developing an initial version for the start of each fall and winter semester, and include campus wide information that is relevant to most students. If you’d like information to be considered for this semesterly version, please contact Molly Maczka, 30 days prior to the start of the semester.

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