About ALEKS PPL, the new GRCC math assessment

This winter semester a new math placement policy will be in effect requiring students to take the Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces Placement, Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) mathematics assessment prior to enrolling in a GRCC math course.

How it works

Current GRCC students who do not have a valid math prerequisite course and who scored 24 or lower on the SAT, 17 or lower on ACT, or had a high school cumulative grade point average below 2.0 will be required to take ALEKS PPL in a proctored environment. Students who do not have a valid math prerequisite course and scored higher than these levels may log into their Online Center and take ALEKS PPL on their own.

In addition to being a placement assessment, ALEKS PPL provides a free tutorial before the assessment begins, and free customized practice and learning modules to help students improve their math readiness levels if they choose to retest.

Once students take ALEKS PPL they will be provided an initial GRCC math course placement level and may enroll in that math course.

Retesting to place in a higher level course

From the time of the initial assessment, students have one year to improve their math readiness levels and change their placement – by working within the customized ALEKS PPL practice and learning modules and retaking the assessment (up to 4 additional times at no cost).

The exception

The only exception to this policy is if a student has already established a college level math course pre-requisite.  For example, if they have taken MA 131 – Precalculus as a dual enrollment student they are eligible to take MA 133 – Calculus with Analytical Geometry 1 without first taking ALEKS PPL.

The benefit

Although this is a significant change in our placement policy, we are excited to provide ALEKS PPL for our students because of the significantly improved math curriculum student success rates at GRCC that can be attributed to ALEKS PPL.

Successful students not only stay on track to graduation, but save money by bypassing lower level math courses, or avoiding retaking advanced math courses to earn a passing grade.

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