Radiologic technology, theater students participate in mock disaster

On Friday, October 7, 2016, the students in Radiologic Technology and Theater worked together to complete a disaster drill simulation. Theater students volunteered as patients and were made to look as if they had actual injuries. They did an outstanding job of acting out the patient scenarios. Each group of Radiologic Technology students participated in two scenarios that were designed to test their critical thinking, positioning and patient care skills. Radiology students were given a specific scenario and an image to review.  Based on the quality of the image, they could continue or re-evaluate their positioning and take an additional image. The radiology students did a great job and learned many valuable lessons throughout the simulation. In addition, there were very insightful suggestions for future simulations.

We would like to thank Armen Oumedian for the grant (Liz McCormick Faculty Innovation Learning Resource Fund) that allowed us to complete this simulation and the GRCC Dental Department, Nursing Department, Clinical sites and AMR for the use of equipment and supplies.

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