TRIO holds fundraiser for Power of Education Foundation

GRCC TRiO students have been supporting the Power of Education Foundation’s school in Fontamara, Haiti for the last several years. This foundation is based in Grand Rapids. TRiO is currently focused on sponsoring Mikerlange Abraham, the 9th grader who is emerging as a student leader at the PEF School. Once again, they need to raise at least $600 to fund her tuition, meals and health care for the next school year. To this end, they will be holding an apple and donut sale from Monday, 10-24, through Thursday, 10-27, from 11 – 2:00 each day in various campus locations, $1 for Krispy Kreme donuts or donut holes and $1 for locally grown apples.

This year they are again offering one dozen apples or donuts for $10, which can be delivered to your place of choice on the Main campus any time from 10-25 through 10-27.  If interested, contact

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