Encourage students to attend interviews with GRCC presidential candidates

Student Life and Student Alliance are hosting interviews with the candidates for GRCC president. Students can meet and get  to know the candidates better. There have been some questions provided by students that will be asked of each candidate during the forum. Toward the end of the session, students will have the opportunity to provide impressions of each candidate. These impressions will remain anonymous and the feedback will be looked at by the Board of Trustees.

There will be four days of interviews. Each day will be dedicated to one of the finalists, with several segments facilitated and representing different groups on campus. Please encourage your students to attend at least one of the student segments between 10:45-11:30 a.m. Students are not required to attend all four sessions. However, their opinion will have more weight if they attend more than one session.

Please notify all your students, this is an important process of selecting GRCC’s next president. The Board of Trustees would like as much feedback as possible.

There will also be Subway for people to snack on!

RSVP on this event via OrgSync.com in the Events Portal or by emailing Lina Blair at carolineblair@grcc.edu or Jose Garcia at josegarcia7@grcc.edu.

Here are the links to RSVP online.

For more information about the search, visit grcc.edu/presidentialsearch

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