Matthew Douglas co-authors textbook with son

Cover of "Exploring Human Biology in the Laboratory" by Matthew M. Douglas and Jonathan M. DouglasDr. Matthew Douglas (professor of zoology and anatomy and physiology in the GRCC Biology Department), along with his son, Jonathan Douglas (former dual-enrolled City High-GRCC student) have co-authored a new laboratory/textbook manual entitled “Exploring Human Biology in the Laboratory,” (Morton Publishing, 2016, 345 pages). The textbook/laboratory book is designed for students such as those in GRCC’s Biology 117 (one semester anatomy and physiology course).

The authors’ primary goal was to develop a series of diverse laboratory exercises that could be easily coordinated with any human biology textbook designed for students from community colleges as well as four-year colleges and universities. Reviewers have found the writing be informative, clear, concise, and well-integrated into a consistent, superior art program with outstanding layout and design.  Most important, the text is written with student reading level and enjoyment in mind. The information flow is logical and easily followed by students of all learning styles.

Instructors may choose from 20 complete laboratories that address all aspects of introductory biology and human anatomy and physiology.  These student-centered laboratories offer interactive and exploratory experiments that range from real-life applications of the scientific method through a basic discussion of evolution–the cornerstone of all biology that is so often overlooked in an introductory anatomy and physiology course.

After GRCC, Jonathan attended the University of Chicago and Arizona State University. Jonathan currently teaches introductory and major-level biology courses in the Maricopa College system in Arizona.  Jonathan is another success story of the Biodiversity Program at GRCC.

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