GRCC In the News, 11-29-16

“News at 11 p.m.”

Nov. 28, 2016; FOX 17

A violent day at Ohio State University … Three words we’ve been hearing all day: “Run, hide, fight.” It’s the protocol to take during an active shooter or attacker emergency.

… (Calvin College) students and staff automatically have their emails plugged into the system … Bill Corner with Calvin College public safety says Grand Valley and GRCC both use the Rave emergency notification system.

Combing through pollinator planning

Nov. 28, 2016; Morning Ag Clips

EAST LANSING, Mich. — In response to concerns about pollinator health, Michigan agencies and legislators are gearing up with big plans and programs for pollinators in our state. Given their importance to our agricultural economy and natural lands, Michigan is taking part in the nationwide movement to protect the insects that pollinate our fruits, vegetables and native plants. In this article we outline, explain and provide updates on the different pollinator plans in Michigan (as of the end of 2016), providing links for more resources and ways you can get involved and receive updates as these plans progress.

… MDNR, along with numerous partners, hosted a Monarch and Wild Pollinator Summit in September 2016. The goals of the summit were to gather key conservation partners from across the state to initiate development of a statewide strategy to conserve habitat for the Monarch butterfly and wild pollinators, and develop a collaborative initiative to attract people and resources to help conserve habitat for monarchs and wild pollinators. A steering committee was created to help develop and organize this Summit that included the following organizations: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Forest Service, USDANatural Resource Conservation Service, Farm Bureau, National Wildlife Federation, Michigan Department of Transportation, Michigan State University Extension, MSU Entomology Department, Michigan Pollinator Initiative and Grand Rapids Community College. The steering committee invited a diverse group of organizations to attend the summit, which included 32 different organizations.

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