SLT discusses college action projects at November meeting

The Strategic Leadership Team held its November meeting on Nov. 18. The purpose of this team is to guide the development and ongoing implementation of the GRCC Strategic Plan, review benchmarking data, study budget realities and offer recommendations to the president. Our team is 80 members strong!  Membership on the SLT team is by president or provost appointment, but any GRCC faculty or staff member is invited to attend a meeting as a guest.  If you would like to attend our Jan.20 meeting, please contact Donna Kragt at

On Nov. 18, we heard exciting progress reports from three college action projects: Implement the Women Empowering Leadership and Learning (WELL) program (CAP 1.3.5), Increase the readiness of students taking on-line courses (CAP 1.2.3), and Implement the First Scholars Project (CAP 1.2.5)

In addition, the Team discussed four articles regarding innovative practices in the community college recently published by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The agenda and supporting documents from Friday’s meeting can be found at:

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