Payroll improvements and National Payroll Week survey feedback

Thank you to all those who completed Human Resources’ National Payroll Week survey. The feedback you provided was very helpful in making sure we are providing you with useful information that is easily obtained. We hope the following provides answers to some of the comments or suggestions we received:

Holiday Schedule

The 2016-17 Holiday Schedule is now available on our webpage.

Printing Pay Advices

We are currently researching new functionality, and hope to provide an easier print option in 2017.

YTD Totals and Leave Bank Balances

These balances are only available on current pay advice documents, because our payroll software does not store historical balance data with each paycheck. We are constantly monitoring improvements and new functionality and would enable this feature should it be delivered in a subsequent release.

Meanwhile, we recommend saving a copy of your pay advice after each period if you wish to track YTD totals and Leave Bank balances from previous pay periods.

Webpage improvements

A clearer list of deductions and earn codes can be found  on the payroll webpage under the “Understanding Your Paycheck” category on the right.

We will continue to look for ways to improve our webpage, and hope to provide easier accessibility to forms and a page dedicated to retirement information in 2017.

Timing of Adjunct & Overload checks

It is our always our goal to pay adjunct and overload classes as close to the start of the semester as possible, according to the college’s payroll schedule, on the 1st available pay date following count date.

For example, the first date of classes for the fall 2016 semester was on August 29, and the first pay was on September 23rd which covered the pay period of August 29th through September 11th, making the first pay timely. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as the first date of classes can change from semester to semester, not allowing for enough processing time.

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