Armen grant recipients announced

Please congratulate the Armen Innovation Grant recipients for Winter 2017:

  • Kate Byerwalter – Psychology
  • Brian Daily – Academic Support and Tutoring Services
  • Hillery Haney – Language and Thought
  • Scott Garrard – Visual Arts
  • Megan Lockard – English
  • Susan Mowers – English
  • Felix Periero – Business
  • Sheila Schindler – Psychology
  • Brent Spitler – Business
  • Katie Vander Meer – Computer Information Systems

You can find a title and brief description of their projects at

Instructional Support will hold a showcase near the end of the winter semester to share more about how these projects impacted our students.

Thank you again to Armen Oumedian for his generosity and support for this important work for our students.


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