Matthew Douglas elected president of Michigan Entomological Society

Dr. Matthew Douglas of the GRCC Biology Department has been elected as the President of the 275-member Michigan Entomological Society (MES).  (The MES has member faculty from around the United States and a number of foreign countries.)

During the summer meeting of the MES near Traverse City, Michigan, Dr. Douglas presented a paper (derived from his sabbatical work in South America), entitled: Monarch Migration in the Americas.  In this paper Dr. Douglas proposes that the three species of Monarch butterflies in the Americas are all derived from an ancestral population (no longer in existence) extending from Central Mexico across to Hispaniola.  It is apparent that all species of Monarchs had the ability to migrate either attitudinally or latitudinally:  In South America the Monarch migrates along the Andes of Argentina to an unknown location; on the island of Hispaniola, Monarchs migrate attitudinally; and in North America, our Monarchs migrate in three migrational cohorts toward Mexico, California, and South Florida (across to the Yucatan Peninsula).

This research resolves a major issue concerning the origination of the migratory behavior in all Monarch butterflies, and it is hopeful that this information will promote additional research into the migratory behavior of the Monarch butterflies.

The annual meeting of the MES will be help from August 25th through August 27th at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, just south of Hastings, Michigan.  Any interested students or professors should contact Dr. Douglas for additional information at

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