Mathematics Seminar looks at ‘Tower of Hanoi’

The Grand Rapids Community College Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that it will host its next Mathematics Seminar on Thursday, February 23, 3:00-4:00 PM in 101 Cook.  Our speaker, GRCC mathematics instructor Sang Lee, will discuss mathematics related to the Tower of Hanoi puzzle.  The title and abstract are below.

In 1883 Édouard Lucas, working under the pseudonym M. Claus, created a puzzle that may have been inspired by an ancient legend.  Anyone who attempts to solve this puzzle will notice the need for logical thinking and pattern recognition, which means mathematics is close at hand.  Sang will discuss various aspects of this mathematics and related applications.  Regardless of your puzzle-solving ability or background in mathematics, you are encouraged to attend – everyone is always welcome to our mathematics seminars.

Pop and cookies will be served at 2:45 PM.

Mathematics in the Tower of Hanoi

The Tower of Hanoi puzzle was first introduced by the Frenchman M. Claus in 1883.  The puzzle has been popular ever since, and it can be found in toy/game shops around the world.  The puzzle has drawn interest from a wide range of people, especially those who plan to study computer science.  In this math seminar we will look at some fascinating, beautiful and powerful mathematics hidden in the Tower of Hanoi, along with those mathematicians related to the puzzle.  Tower of Hanoi puzzles will be available for those attending the seminar.

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