ImageNow to be down for upgrades

Reminder: ImageNow will be down for a required version upgrade beginning on Thursday, February 23, at 5:00 p.m. and will be back up and available beginning Friday, February 24, at 8:00 a.m.

Client Update Information:

For those who have the ImageNow client installed on your computer, the client will automatically update after the upgrade has been completed when connected to the GRCC network. This update will require your system to be restarted upon completion, but will allow you to decide when to restart your system.

For those not on campus, your client will automatically update the next time your system is connected to the GRCC network. .


During this outage window the following systems will be unavailable: WebNow, the ImageNow client and the Leave of Absence eForm.

After the upgrade ImageNow will look and feel much like the old version with a couple exceptions.

  • ImageNow has been re-branded to Perceptive Content 7. This means that login screens to both the ImageNow client and WebNow will reference Perceptive Content 7 instead of ImageNow.
  • Due to security concerns the Leave of Absence eForm will no longer be available from off campus beginning on February 24th.

If you have the ImageNow client installed on your computer we will be sending out instructions for upgrading it prior to the upgrade date.

Any future updates will be posted at:

Also available through:,, and

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