SLT Profile: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Team

The Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program team monitors, evaluates and makes recommendations for improvement to the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program (DAAPP) that is developed and implemented for students and employees.

Members include:

  • Tina Hoxie, Student Affairs
  • Jessica Berens, Human Resources
  • Becky Whitman, Campus Police
  • Lynnell Talbert, Criminal Justice
  • Emily Nisley, Assoc. Professor/Counselor
  • Ann Isackson and Paul Doane, Financial Aid
  • Ryan Nausieda, Enrollment Center
  • Donna Kragt and Bruce Morrison, Institutional Research
  • Lina Blair and Jonathan Blackwell,  Student Life
  • Kimberly DeVries, General Counsel
  • Raynard Ross, Student Success & Retention Services
  • William Firn, Interim Athletic Director

In the past year the this team has:

  • Submitted an annual report to Cabinet for input and approval.
  • Evaluated the prevention program, making recommendations for changes.
  • Incorporated Title IX changes, policy review, and implementation staff
    online training.
  • Offered programming during Welcome Week each semester and during and winter semester.
  • Emailed compliance notifications to all registered students and employees.
  • Coordinated student awareness programming
  • Conducted Student-Athlete Orientation with coach participation.

In the coming year they plan to:

  • Improve the awareness and training for employees through feedback.
  • Improve the notification open rate for students.
  • Increase the awareness of program offerings for students through an online solution and existing departmental programs.

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