GRCC In the News, 4-18-17

Retiring GRCC president awarded emeritus status

April 17, 2017; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Grand Rapids Community College President Steven Ender, who will retire at the end of April, was awarded president emeritus status by the Board of Trustees in a unanimous vote on Monday, April 17.

Fewer students require remediation courses at Grand Rapids Community College

April 18, 2017; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Fewer Grand Rapids Community College students need developmental education or remedial classes, officials reported to the Board of Trustees Monday, April 17.

Four high school seniors earn Grandville-Jenison Chamber scholarships

April 17, 2017; MLive

Four area high school seniors who excel in academics, extracurricular activities and serving their communities are this year’s winners of the Grandville-Jenison Chamber of Commerce scholarships.

… Scott (Kremers) plans to attend Grand Rapids Community College and study hospitality and business management.

Facilities preparing campus buildings for warmer temperatures

It’s that time of year!

As spring temperatures warm, Facilities begins transitioning campus buildings from heating to air conditioning.  Due to the nature of these systems throughout our campus, “on demand” air-conditioning is not always possible. We have many water-based systems that are in danger of freezing when the weather turns cold at night, and therefore cannot be run until we are beyond the risk of nighttime freezing temps.  We monitor long range forecasts and make decisions for the long term versus what the next day or two might bring in terms of temperatures. The exposure of the building to the sun also adds to the challenge of providing cooling that satisfies everyone during these periods of temperature fluctuations.

Facilities understands warmer temperatures may create fluctuating conditions on campus, and we appreciate your patience as we work to provide you the most comfortable and sustainable learning environment possible.

Exam week hours for Campus Dining

The Raider Grille: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th

Open Normal Hours. (Wok This Way Closed)

Closed Wednesday 26th- Friday 28th

Closed for the summer

The Quiet Café will be open through the summer


The Quiet Cafe: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th

Open Normal Hours.

Wednesday 26th Open 7 am-4 pm (breakfast from 7 am-10 am)

Closed Thursday 27th and Friday 28th

The Quiet Café will be open through the summer


The Sneden Cafe: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th

Open 7 am-5 pm.

Closed Wednesday 26th – Friday 28th

Closed For The Summer

The Quiet Café will be open through the summer


Applications for Van & Marinus Swets Travel Award due April 19

The Van & Marinus Swets Travel Award Opportunity for GRCC Employees (nonstudent employees

DEADLINE: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This travel award is for fun, enjoyment, and relaxation.  It is not intended to supplement any faculty, staff or administrator’s professional development travel funds.  A cash award of up to $400 will be given to any full- or part-time GRCC employee who completes the following requirements and has his or her essay judged the best to fulfill the employee’s intention to relax, enjoy and have fun.


  • Submit an essay (500 words or less) telling how you intend to use the

cash award for fun, enjoyment, relaxation.  The more unusual, the better!

  • Essays will not be judged on spelling, writing style, organization, usage or grammar.
  • Steps for turning in your application for the Van Marinus Swets Travel Award
  1. Do not put your name on the essay.
  2. Write your GRCC employee ID number in the upper right corner of the first page of your essay.
  3. Attach an envelope to your essay containing the following:
  4.   On the outside of the envelope, write your GRCC employee ID number.
  5.   Inside the sealed envelope, place your business card or contact information.
  6. Send you application to Mary Reed in the GRCC Foundation Office.
  7. Submit your application by 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 19th.
  • All award winners will be notified by Thursday, April 27th

For more information, you may contact Mary Reed at (616)234-3930 or

Students to present two Mathematics Seminars

The Grand Rapids Community College Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that it will host presentations by two current students at its final Mathematics Seminars of academic year 2016-2017.

The first seminar features José Garcia, who will discuss “The Origins of Numbers” on Tuesday, April 18, 3-4 p.m. in 103 Cook.  This talk should appeal to those with an interest in mathematics, mathematics education and history.  Jose’s abstract follows.

The Origins of Numbers

Every time we wonder if there is enough money to buy that new iPad AND groceries, numbers are used. We take for granted what it means to do basic arithmetic and, even more so, why the numbers came to be the way they are.  Come join us in looking into the origins of numbers and why they look the way they do today!

Our second talk will be given by Jeff Powers.  His topic, “The Open Gate of Mathematics: From the Alhambra to Escher,” will be presented Thursday, April 20, 3-4 p.m. in 103 Cook.  In addition to those with a love of mathematics and its teaching, this talk should be of interest to anyone who appreciates art and beauty.  Jeff’s abstract provides more information.

The Open Gate of Mathematics: From the Alhambra to Escher

In 1922, a 24-year-old artist named M.C. Escher visited the Alhambra, a 13th-century Moorish fortress and palace in Granada, Spain. The stunning Islamic design and geometric patterns overwhelmed the young artist, who began a 50-year obsession with dividing the plane. Today, Escher’s name is synonymous with tessellations, symmetry, and impossible shapes. His art’s mathematical structure has affected fields as far-reaching as combinatorics, graph theory, non-Euclidean geometry, and crystallography. This seminar focuses on Escher’s exploration of the two-dimensional plane and his link to the Moorish artisans of the past, begging the question: Were these artists doing math? 

Both talks will be accessible to a wide range of students, faculty and administrators.  As always, everyone is welcome to attend.  Assorted refreshments will be available at 2:45 p.m.