GRCC Foundation thanks members of The 500 Club

The GRCC Foundation recognized and thanked faculty and staff donors who are part of The 500 Club on Tuesday, May 2.  Many members have been giving faithfully at the $500 level for many years, and we were able to recognize them for their years of generous and faithful commitment.  This year, we had 15 new members join The 500 Club:

  • Gary Burbridge
  • Cora Beute
  • Michael DeVivo
  • Lisa Gloege
  • Mark Jasonowicz
  • Christopher Johnston
  • Sheila Jones
  • Jennifer Kelly
  • Bill Pink
  • Raynard Ross
  • Andrew Rozema
  • Jim Schafer
  • Diane Smith
  • Jeff Spoelman
  • Deb Vilmont

The gifts made to the GRCC Foundation help make a lasting impact on students’ lives. We hope all faculty and staff consider making a financial commitment to the Foundation.

For more information on how you can be part of The 500 Club or a donor to the GRCC Foundation, please contact Erin (Cisler) Van Egmond at 616-234-3931 or

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