SLT Profile: Curriculum Operations Support Team

Curriculum operations support team members share a common goal of supporting the work of faculty and staff in order to offer quality courses and programs to GRCC students.

The team oversees the alignment, coordination, and/or implementation of curriculum operations, including the catalog and course and program development, revision and review. They also support all curriculum-related college action projects, department action plans and teaching and learning quality model reports.

Membership represents all of the offices that support student degree completion through curriculum development:

  • Sheila Jones, Katie Daniels, Matthew Novakoski and Debbie Dewent, Instructional Support
  • Valerie Butterfield, Registrar
  • Lynnae Selberg, Counseling and Career Center
  • Jennifer Batten and Chris Johnston, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Amy Koning, Julie Parks and Pam Miller, School of Workforce Development
  • Raynard Ross, Student Success and Retention Services
  • Eric Mullen, Enrollment Management and Financial Aid
  • Paul Doane, Financial Aid and Scholarships

In the past year the team implemented the following policies:

  • Substitutions and Waivers.
  • Graduation Requirements.
  • Industry Recognized Credentials and Test Credit.
  • Challenge Exams and PLA.

The team also assisted with the development of:

  • The 2017-18 GRCC college catalog.
  • A process for accelerated program development.
  • The revision of the curriculum model policy.
  • The curricular aspects of the guided pathways initiative.

Throughout the next year this team plans to continue to:

  • Implement curriculum-related policies as they are revised and approved through the academic governing council.
  • Support the guided pathways initiative.
  • Identify ways to ensure the smooth operations of curriculum processes.

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