GRCC retiree biography: Jamie Hitchings

Jamie Hitchings has worked at GRCC in the IT department since 2010 as an IT enterprise analyst supporting PeopleSoft applications. Jamie shared that he was close to retiring a few years ago, but GRCC colleagues were able to convince him to stay through June of this year. Jamie shared that one of the reasons for continuing at GRCC is because he feels his clients/customers/users and fellow IT staff here at GRCC appreciate his efforts and talents. He went on to say that “knowing that, makes me feel more like I’m lending a helping hand, rather than just doing my job.”

Jamie will be staying busy during retirement. He shared that he has a home here in the Grand Rapids area and a lake cottage he spent nearly 20 years renovating into a retirement home. Both places are completely furnished, so consolidating into one home will be a lengthy process. Jamie also plans to take some road trips to see some of the natural beauty of our country, and spend more time on the golf course, when weather permits.

Jamie, on behalf of your GRCC community, we all wish you the very best in retirement. Thank you so much for your service to GRCC!

As a reminder, Jamie’s retirement reception will be held today, June 29, from 2-4 p.m. in the IT lobby, room 130 in Sneden Hall. Weather permitting, the reception may be on the garden of the Sneden patio, which is just down the hall from the IT office.

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