GRCC In the News, 6-30-17

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Spring 2017 Mission & Ministry (magazine by the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters)

“Dominicans are preachers of truth. One truth is that each of our lives is a story of movement, change, and letting go. Movement reflects itinerancy, a core attribute of St. Dominic’s vision. And letting go is a reflection of the vow of poverty, holding everything with a light grasp. That’s core to our Dominican spirit. After the letting go, there is again a ‘taking up.’ We pray and study and live, trusting the movement of God in our lives,” says Maureen Geary, OP, prioress of the Congregation.

… Chris Wood, OP, is one of these nurses.

… Now as a nursing instructor, she is helping Grand Rapids Community College roll out new teaching methodologies in healthcare by focusing on patient care experiences in a clinical environment like Marywood Health Center.

(The article, which also features GRCC nursing students, begins on page 9.)