Windows 10 deployment timeline

Summer is in full swing, and Information Technology is deploying Windows 10 at GRCC.  Windows 10 is Microsoft’s newest operating system, and GRCC is committed to upgrading its Windows computers to it. Special thanks to a select group of faculty and staff who helped pilot Windows 10 over the past few months. Their feedback has helped us identify and address concerns and ensured that GRCC’s transition to Windows 10 will be as smooth as possible.

We know that change can be uncomfortable, so we invite you to watch a brief introductory video to Windows 10 that we believe you will find helpful.

Here are the Windows 10 deployment dates:

  • June 23 to present: All instructor classroom stations.
  • Starting in July: All lab computers.
  • After the Fall 2017 start-up: Faculty and Staff assigned devices by request.

Note: Any new devices issued to faculty or staff will automatically include Windows 10.  Any devices that need extensive repair will be migrated to Windows 10.

Look for opportunities to learn more about the Windows 10 deployment this summer from your GRCC IT department.  Please reach out to us at the IT Support Desk if you have any questions about the Windows 10 deployment by calling us a (616)-234-4357 or email us at

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