Faculty and Staff Centennial Scholarship awarded for 1st time

To honor the college’s 100th year celebration, the Faculty Association created the Faculty and Staff Centennial Scholarship.  For the first time since the scholarship’s inception, it was awarded to two deserving GRCC students for the 2017-18 academic year.

Scholarships were awarded based on scholastic achievement to students who have earned at least 12 credits at GRCC.  They were asked to submit a short essay explaining why they feel they deserve the scholarship. A committee made up of representatives from across campus selected the recipients.

We are pleased to announce and congratulate the first 2017-18 scholarship recipients for the Faculty and Staff  Centennial Scholarship: Connor Hartley and Mackenzie Omness.  Both have been awarded $1,000! Connor graduated from Rockford High School in 2016.  He is studying Pre-Med with a long-term career goal of working in the field of orthodontics. Mackenzie graduated from Grandville High School in 2017.  She is studying Occupational Therapy at GRCC.  She will also be playing basketball for GRCC this fall!

We are very grateful to all the faculty and staff who have helped make these scholarships possible for Connor and Mackenzie.  We wish these students all the best in their academic endeavors.

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